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Queen For A Day

Women have stopped seeking equality in every sense and have started to enjoy and to a large extend exploit their femininity and sexuality. Feminine charms and beauty itself carry significant social and often economic clout and a shift towards what may seem as cliche definitions of womanhood can be seen a rational way to seek advantages in a world that clearly has not been able to place women on an equal footing with men. Woman are still seeking equal opportunity or sometimes changing the rules of the game in order to define and capitalize on new opportunities, yet if we did not win the equality fight, on some level we want some of the old perks of ‘being a girl’ back.


  • How can you add elements that help women to self improve?
  • How can you create a more female friendly environment around your brand?
  • How can your brand create a counterpart to the queen?
  • How can your service make customers feel like a queen?


Alfa-Maintence-Women and their inexorably quest for perfection

Plastic surgery is for many women a release from their quest for perfection. Regardless of the economic downturn the so-called ‘lipstick effect’ is no longer enough; the Botox and cosmetic-surgery industries are booming in spite of the recession and high-profile health scares. This effect were pushed by reality / game shows like Bridalplasty where brides  Continue Reading »

Marketing Experts Create Distorted Images of Women

This clichéd and stereotyped video was published by the European Commission for a campaign designed to attract more women to a career in science. Based on the slogan “Science: it’s a girl’s thing” the commission said that the video had to “speak their language to get their attention”. But who´s language is that? This video  Continue Reading »

Nacked Rebelle

To market her parfume “Rebelle” Rihana poses nude on a giant poster at New Yorker Times Square. But what comes first in this ad? The wild beauty or her inflammatory perfume? Her third perfume “nude” will be publicized in autum. We are looking forward to her next marketing strategy and how she wants to present  Continue Reading »

sporty-elegant? high tide heels

by Paul Schietekat. “Taking the sporting trend to a new level.”        

“Trash oder fesch?” Caviar Manicure

  As we reported nail polish has become an economic indicator, because of being a cheap way to brighten up peopleslives. But neon colors were yesterday. So marketers created a kit “for something special”, with little pearlescent beads for a 3-D Caviar effect to express your inner queen – for a day… Who knows how  Continue Reading »

nail polish as an economic indicator

The time for the “Lipstick Index” has pasted. Nail polish now has replaced it as the female accessory to reflect the current economic situation. People are searching for cheap ways to brighten up their lives. So sales of nail polish are way up right now and are navigating venus. Women’s underwear sales are down, which historically  Continue Reading »

Act Like A Lady.

I’d like to follow up on the topic of one of our recent posts Ladies In Style. For the ones of you who have been looking at social bookmarking sites in the past months, might have stumbled upon some quotes like this one: If you browse further through blogs, you also find several dedicated to this  Continue Reading »

Ladies in Style

The blog Advanced Style has been showing New York’s silver haired confidence since 2008. Now Advanced style inspired the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 collection. In an article of the French Vogue, Marc Jacobs stated it as one of his main sources of inspiration for his new collection. Have a look at a compilation of  Continue Reading »

Granny has got the Power

Grandmas rule. German newspaper „Die Zeit“ recently celebrated the importance of grandparents for bringing up their grandchildren. Also the beauty industry realises increasingly the value of authentic granny models. Take for example Renate Gerdes, 72 year old grandma from Germany. She took part in a L’Oréal Facebook contest and got most of the votes. Finally  Continue Reading »

Coke ties up with Benefit Cosmetics to “Get Glam”

“Queens for a day” will welcome this new collaboration. Coke UK unites with Benefit cosmetics offering a limited edition of cans based on Benefit’s spring looks. With every can comes a code for a voucher of £ 5 usable on Benefit products in the Benefit online shop. Needless to say there is special facebook page including an app  Continue Reading »