Women globally make about 60% of all brand purchases and influence close to 80%. Women possess more economic clout than the combined economies of India and China. It’s been said that the world economy needs women! Women got the money and Women been spending it yet most women feel completely misunderstood, often insulted by brands. Women buy cars, health services, financial paper and technological products and services yet most of these are marketed to men. In worse case scenarios, marketers give them ‘pink stuff’ or ‘technology for dummies’ (think Della from Dell). Someone is missing something.


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Have a look at the US Times for a related infographic regarding women of the states.

Doubleshift and LHBS initiated an in-depth look into the key trends driving women’s approach to work and career, motherhood, lifestyle and overall consumption. The Navigating Venus study identifies 4 distinct patterns of female behavior and the associated shift in demand for goods and services and the important learning for brand positioning, brand action and brand innovation.