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Back To Mother Earth

Mother earth has many facets – from physical to fashion, from food to future parenting. In general we see a strong longing for cooking and baking, re-discovering the skills of our mothers and grandmothers. Even though we enjoy all the possibilities that technology gives us to enjoy motherhood at any age, it should be as natural as possible. And if all of this is not my cup of tea – at least the fashion bit is for anyone. If women need to go deeper and connect with their inner nature or heal body and soul there is always a yoga place or alternative health practitioner around that helps with physical or mental detox and to reconnect with your individual „mother nature“.


  • How can you bring your brand down to earth and make it more authentic?
  • How can you add a sense of craftsmanship to the brand experience?
  • With what other dimension can you mix the naturalness of your brand?
  • How can you not restrict but reward natural friendly behavior?


Wearable Planter‘s Tiny Plantpot Jewelry

These planpot jewelry enables people to incorporate living plants into their fashion accessories. So don´t let your plants at home. Take them with you. They help clean the air you breathe, are beautiful, and create a wonderful conversation starter. The concept of the founder was that the world would be a happier place if people  Continue Reading »

New Label for Clarity

More and people are getting concerned about the production of their clothes. The new radically transparent fashion concept „Honest by“ of the former HUGO Designer Bruno Pieter tries to give them an honest answer. The label claims the full disclosure of the production process, including where a product was made and by whom. It even stats  Continue Reading »

Sexual Advertising For Skincare.

REN took a rather bold and progressive approach to advertise their 10th anniversary. It shows two individuals strip their clothes of and fooling around in a lake. The video was shot by Vince Squibb. As ‘Down to the River to Pray’ by Alison Krauss echoes in the humble images of Swedish nature, the viewer is  Continue Reading »

Granny has got the Power

Grandmas rule. German newspaper „Die Zeit“ recently celebrated the importance of grandparents for bringing up their grandchildren. Also the beauty industry realises increasingly the value of authentic granny models. Take for example Renate Gerdes, 72 year old grandma from Germany. She took part in a L’Oréal Facebook contest and got most of the votes. Finally  Continue Reading »

Concepts against Fast Fashion

More and more women and designers are seeking alternatives to the fast fashion culture of the high street chains. They want to simplify women’s wardrobes and act more sustainable. The Malaysian label ULTRA has launched its “Ultra 10 wardrobe” a minimalist 10 piece wardrobe meant to span a year. Its pieces can be sent back  Continue Reading »

Knitting and Protests

On a first glance, knitting and protest don’t have much in common. However, on a closer look, the history of the femininity movement shows that crafting was used as a political statement as early as in the French Revolution. The french women commented with knitting and shout-outs the speeches of the men. Although, women are  Continue Reading »

Softer looks

Fashion gets a new “hippie” spin: not only floral prints and espadrilles are back in fashion but also eco-friendly materials and the Birkenstocks. It is not just a natural look that is attractive, but also the nature of the materials and a growing approach for sustainable and nature-friendly production: Even big labels like H&M are  Continue Reading »

Yarn Bombing Goes Mainstream

While Yarn Bombing is not a new phenomenon, it’s going mass class. The desire for softer, more tactile experiences is another example of women’s desire for objects around them to be and feel more natural and simply nicer to the touch. See the LHBS blog post on Softening the City. Brands are also jumping in  Continue Reading »