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Flexible Imperfectionism

Women have undergone a series of transitions since the sexual revolution when we broke out of the expected molds and norms. What’s remained unchanged is certain expectations and demands. Double standards still dominate perceptions and actions. Women are expected to be tough yet not too tough; to work outside the home and inside the home; to be independent yet being alone is still looked down upon. Now in all aspects of life, women are snacking, sampling and just making it up as they go along refusing to accept that there is only one way to be a woman and to live a woman’s life.


  • How can you strengthen self esteem among your female customers?
  • How can you challenge assumptions of perfection?
  • How can you relief tensions with a sense of playfulness?
  • How can you make your brand more flexible and agile?


Pinky Math and Science Role Models Discourage Young Girls

A new study by two University of Michigan psychology professors shows that presenting girls with stereotypically feminine STEM role models—like Barbie’s pink laptop-toting bombshell—might actually discourage them from pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math. Cos middle school-aged girls who are already feeling like they aren’t good at STEM are going to be turned off by  Continue Reading »

Büro sucht Frau ist ein Frauenwirtschaftszentrum, dass sich zum Ziel gesetzt hat, das weibliche Gründungs- und Unternehmerinnenpotenzial zu fördern. Das Konzept der Bürogemeinschaft versucht dem spezifischen Gründungs- und Arbeitsverhalten von Frauen gerecht zu werden. So wird, im Gegensatz zu dem männlichen Arbeitsverhalten, wie EMOTION Herausgeberin Katarzyna Mol es beschreibt, nicht auf Konkurrenz, sondern auf Teamarbeit, Gemeinschaftsdenken und  Continue Reading »

Stop Dreaming Barbie, Wake Up!

For decades Barbie and Ken have been the perfect couple for girls. But the Canadian foto-artist Dina Goldstein (known from her last project “fallen princess”) calls this perfect idyll in question. She restages a look behind Babies and Kens relationship – with human models. And she confronts us with the unromantic question: who is Ken  Continue Reading »

a game with symbols

„Femen“ the Ukrainian feminist activist group used the European Football Championship in order to call attention to a world that ruled by macho posture, male power and symbols of masculinity. Camouflaged as football-fans the activists mingle with other fans before they striped to the waist and presented on their naked bodies their statements. To symbolize  Continue Reading »

Technology – a female-dominated landscape

Do not underestimate female consumer when it comes to technology. As it turns out, women are our new lead adopters in tech. This statement from Intel researcher Genevieve Bell includes, among others, the fact that a whole bundle of technology is mostly owned by them. Underestimate women’s interest in and knowledge about technology you –  Continue Reading »

bad girls live fast

“Bad Girls” is a song by recording artist M.I.A. It´s lyrics revolve around sexual prowess and female empowerment, while it´s chorus features the refrain “Live fast die young, bad girls do it well” sung in a haughty rap-sung delivery.

sporty-elegant? high tide heels

by Paul Schietekat. “Taking the sporting trend to a new level.”        

Men to Market Women´s Products

CHANEL No. 5 women parfume or ELLE the women’s fashion magazine market their products by men. Brad Pitt to be the first male face of the upcoming advertising campaign to promote one of the best selling perfumes in the world. And now David Beckham as the first-ever male cover model for Elle Magazine. Whether the  Continue Reading »

Marketing to Women

A real not faked comercial which challenges typical stereotypes of women. The use of double entendres with the belt, nylons, shoes and rock purchased. And the women is not only conquers the rock, she buys and pays for everything – including the trip.  

start saying “no” and embracing mars

This is just saying what your fiends have been telling you for years: “Stand up for yourself!” A woman can still be herself, kind and polite, but stop apologize for something that you didn’t do, says Lisa Bloom – the author of Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World. Be  Continue Reading »