If there’s one thing that generally doesn’t get much attention — in life or mass marketing — it’s the man-butt. But this may change. Vichy’s “Booty Break” website encourages users to click-through the upbeat tunes to find the booty that they would like to see shake, slap, dance and/or flex. All with the goal of urging women to “Love Your Booty as Much as Your Love Theirs”


This is what a male friend of my said about it:
It’s Funny, silly, and will give all the girls in the office a good laugh and a cheap “Booty Break”. After watching it myself I think this is great advertisement even if it’s not showing the target market, it definitely is a great use of creative and playful sales. I think we shall see more things like this in the future as long as the occasional prudish person doesn’t ruin it. It’s just a short article, but definitely worth a sneaky peek. Make a selection and it might make your day. Enjoy ladies!